WAN Meets Mattress Grave Rockers Uptown at the Salton Sea

by Mattress Grave



Innocence Demystified, Destroyed

Urine on every different language
Urine automatically in this world
Urine on every theory
Urine that trashes what is dominant in the new world of terms
Urine that gives meanings to the liberated inventions
Urine that negates existing meanings in adversaries
Urine that wilts on revolutionary embryonic smelting heaps
Urine on the dictionary that is a reference tool for power truths
Urine on muteness


released December 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Mattress Grave Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Brother Moth Zef (Experimental Control Remix)
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[edit] Clinical Scales
Track Name: Diversify Your Balls Nigga (Domain Of Cosmic Radiation Remix)
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Track Name: I Googled The Storm (Black Marble Monument Remix)
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Track Name: The God Show (All Fantasy World Of Their Choice Remix)
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Track Name: We Just Got In A Shipment Of Cougar Shirts (Threads Of Gold Remix)
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Track Name: 666 Satan (Your Victim's Families And This Court Remix)
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Track Name: It's Gunna Be As Low As The Other Ones (Lean Information Machine Remix)
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Track Name: Space Genesis (Communication Buys The Silicon Brain Remix)
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